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Audio suppression in music lessons (even when relevant settings enabled)




I teach music through my Licensed Zoom account and have Original Audio, High Fidelity Music Mode, Echo Cancellation, Stereo audio all 'on', Automatically Adjust microphone volume 'off' and Suppress Background Noise on 'low' and my students all have the same. I haven't had issues with other students, but just one student's audio cuts out when she's playing her bass guitar.


As we've tried all the settings suggested in the troubleshooting pages, and it's not an issue for other students, she tried using a different laptop to check if it was a microphone issue at her end, but the same thing happened on a different laptop. I can hear her voice fine, but shortly after she starts playing bass, the audio cuts out. We've resorted to quietly playing a podcast close to her microphone so that Zoom still thinks there's talking happening so it doesn't cut audio, which somewhat works to preserve the bass audio, but this obviously isn't a long-term solution.


This has only started happening in the last two months.


Any ideas on what the issue could be?

Tech specs for context:

My laptop (works fine with other students) - Windows 10. Zoom Version 5.9.1 (2581)
Student laptop 1 (audio cuts bass completely) - Dell Latitude 5520. Windows 10. Zoom Version 5.9.3 (3169)

Student laptop 2 (audio cuts bass completely) - Lenovo IdeaPad. Windows 11. Zoom Version 5.9.1 (2581)
Other student (audio was completely fine) - Mac. Zoom Version 5.5.4 (13130.0228)





You can suggest your students try these steps:

1. Disable the audio signal processing performed by Window's audio drivers,

2. If it can't work, you can try to disable audio signal processing performed by Window's audio drivers from OS level.




Amazing thank you! I will try these out with my students.