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Audio stops working in the middle of meeting


Halfway through a meeting today I could suddenly no longer hear the host. I at first I assumed he had accidentally muted himself, but I was the only one affected. I was not touching my laptop at the time and I received no error message. I checked other apps that have sound (Youtube, Spotify) and my audio was fine. I left the meeting and came back and still couldn't hear. Then I restarted my computer and came back and I was able to hear the meeting again. About 30 minutes later it happened again. The meeting was almost finished so I just left. Anyone know what could cause this? This is a huge problem since I teach online and have many meetings on Zoom. 



On 2/7 and again 2/13 I was in a meeting (once as host, once as guest) when audio output stopped as soon as a new speaker started talking. Left meeting, came back in, still no audio - and no audio on any other program or on Windows and Dell tests. 2 days later it came back but not sure how! Had 4 Zoom meetings between last week and today without incident but then today it happened again and I can't get it back. I teach as well and need to count on Zoom. Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated and shared!


I have had this issue as the host twice now.  I teach a fitness class and midway the participants cannot hear me or the music.  Been doing this for 3 years without issue and it seems once I upgraded to the new zoom version it is a problem.  is there a setting I need to change?? any help would be very much appreciated.


@purefitwere you able to get your audio back after the meetings? If so, do you recall what you did? I have tried every single setting possible and can't get the laptop speakers back. Thanks!

It came back on its own before the meeting ended. I didn’t change any settings and it seems to temporarily cut out and then comes back. Not sure why - never used to happen. Is yours a new problem with the latest version of zoom?

It must be the upgrade because I haven't had this problem in 3 years and had it 2x in one week. My speakers are TOTALLY gone, never came back the second time (not sure which of the millions of settings I kept testing fixed it the first time). I know it's not hardware because headphones work.

I totally agree it’s the upgrade. Also never had a problem in 3 years. It’s not the hardware- I ran all the tests. I’m going to contact zoom support and see if they can help. Will post if I get any answers b