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Audio problem


Hi guys, I was having a audio issue. Every time I enter a meeting, it shows that Zoom failed to detect my mic and speaker and there's a red mark on my mic icon. But when I test my mic and speakers, everything just go well! And the mic will be normal for onw second. After that, the failed to detect window will pop out again and repeat the same thing. How can I solve this issue? Btw, I'm facing this only after I updated my laptop to Win11. Thanks for your help!



hi Same issue today 


Hi. We had the same problem. The microphone of our webcam was sometimes detected, sometimes not. I can't say I found a solution, because we weren't trying to use that microphone anyway. (We have a separate sound mixing console attached and that's where our sound comes from.)

Did you try reattaching the microphone, maybe on another port? And did you try the microphone in other applications? Then you can find out if it just happens in Zoom or not.

Yeah I tried it in other application and it works well. It seems like only zoom is facing this prob. 
ps: its an in built mic so I have no idea how to reattaching it😟

I am having the same problem and it seemed to have popped up after windows 11 was installed.  Works fine on my desktop which does not have windows 11.  And this problem is the same even with a detachable webcam.  No idea what to do