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Audio not working in breakout room on Mac


I was just in a zoom call today for school and everything was working normally at first. I was using my Macbook and had my AirPods connected during the meeting. In the main room, both my mic and my video were working, along with the general sound from the other people in the call. However, when we were put into breakout rooms, I had issues hearing the other people in the breakout room. My own mic and video were working but I couldn't hear anyone else talking. I had to take out my Airpods and connect the sound to my computer's speaker to get any sound to work. I've never had this problem before, so I'm not entirely sure what the issue here is. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @wieck_francesca, have you tried updating your Zoom client to ensure it's up-to-date? Or, restarting your computer and Zoom, and uninstalling/reinstalling Zoom can sometimes do the trick.


If you can test, I would create a test meeting on your mac > create some breakout rooms > sign in on another device (mobile or tablet) or have someone join you > and test to see if that helps?


I would also suggest updating your Mac as well? I'm currently on Big Sur, use AirPods in-meeting and breakouts, and haven't had issues, unless you hit a network spike which may also affect your audio experience. Let me know how the suggested troubleshooting above goes! 


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I have had exactly the same problem. Zoom have no escalated to a level 2 technician to look into. Def a problem with AirPods/Zoom.



I have the exact same problem with macbook pro M1, airpods pro, and latest firmware everywhere (OS, zoom, etc.)


Same here. No matter what I did, I wasn’t able to solve this issue. I was told it was my ISP whereas I never had any issues of connectivity. The chat person repeatedly tried to blame it on my part. I agree that it’s very possibly Mac AirPod issue. The only solution I found is to leave the meeting, return, have the host reassign me back to the breakout room. Then the audio and the chat work. Otherwise, I’m completely shut

out of the discussions, meetings, etc. 


Not just an Apple/AirPods problem. I have had the same issue with M&D, Beats/Apple, and Westone headsets. Audio works fine in groups, but mic stops working in breakout rooms.