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Audio issues with original sound turned on


We are Using Zoom for live church. We have original Sound turned on, high fidelity music mode. All the normal things that are supposed to stop zoom from compressing the sound but it still continues to do so. We are using a Magwell capture card to bring in the video and audio. We do not share our screen but spotlight the Magwell Capture card which acts like a webcam. When we play music it is being compressed still and gets choppy but the singers sound fine. I have been dealing with this for months trying every little trick I find on the internet and nothing is working. Anyone have an answer to this issue.




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

How are you playing your music? Directly from the Zoom computer (Shared), OBS, vMix, the Audio Mixer itself. Need to have more detail on your audio chain to provide much more info.



Jeff Widgren


Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen

Jeff, I sent you another message and have not heard back. We need some help.


HI Jeff thanks for responding, I have my audio going out of a Blackmagic ATEM Television HD video Mixer. The sound from an independent mixer goes into that unit. The Blackmagic audio then goes out to the Magwell Capture card via HDMI and into the Laptop Computer via USB port. In Zoom we have the Video and Audio using the Magwell Capture Card for the selection. I have manually turned off any effects or processing the Microsoft Software might do in the back ground. I have made all the audio adjustments suggested for using original sound. The Voice sounds fine. But when music starts its gets squashed but you can hear the voice fine. The audio is not peaking and we have the volume in zoom set to about 80.

Jeff we are not sharing a screen.