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Audio issues when two people are in the same office on the same zoom meeting


How can we mute and unmute when we are in the same office on the same meeting?  My husband and I run a consulting business and both need to be able to talk. It is frustrating for him to have to mute and turn his volume down in order for me to be able to talk.  Then I have to unmute and turn my volume up. It's very awkward and clunky.  Any known fixes?? 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @sjburnett,


Having two people in the same room on the Zoom meeting is a recipe for disaster when it comes to audio and feedback loops.  Typically when more than one person share a space it should be setup similar to a conference room with a single larger display camera, and mic/speaker to cover the room.


If you and your husband are often in the same Zoom Meetings and your workspace is a shared office, I would recommend you look into adding a Zoom Room to your shared office space.  There are easy all in one kits you can use to add a shared conferencing experience in your shared office while still having all the benefits and features on Zoom including easy wireless content sharing from your respective computers to the ZoomRoom screen


Here is some information to get you started:


You can also reach out to Sales for more details and/or some demos.


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