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Audio issues, intermittent sound, distortion - related to new graphics card?


I've been using Zoom for 3 years, have never had any sound/audio issues.  I recently upgraded my graphics card and I now have issues where sound comes and goes during a Zoom meeting.  Sound is intermittent - works a few seconds, then will sound garbled with popping sounds, then no sound at all - then it will come back.  No video issues.


I have zero issues with sound or video issues with any other application.  No issues using Microsoft Teams for meetings.  I wasn't sure it was related to the new graphics card, but in an effort to rule it out, I went back to my old graphics card and the problem in Zoom is now gone (new card is an AMD, old card is Nvidia - no issues with the Nvidia).


I've updated all drivers and windows updates - running Windows 11.  Was wondering if anyone else has run into this type of issue.  I don't know why Zoom is the only app where problems occur.