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Audio cutting out when we put microphone near piano to listen


During our Zoom church service, we switch to a mic on the piano in order to hear the music being played.  The first few notes are heard and then the audio cuts out.  When talking directly into the mic, the words can be heard on Zoom.  We have tried several mics with the same results.


We think we have adjusted the setting related to the level of background noise to allow the most noise, but it still cuts out.  Any suggestions?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I would recommend enabling Original Sound, which will disable all noise cancellation that Zoom performs. That typically works for any musicians that have their instrument removed from the meeting audio. 


Apparently there is a bug in Windows 11 that makes Zoom unusable for music. My singing teacher had the same problem on her new laptop: her talking and singing came through OK but when she hit a note on her piano, all I heard was a short thunk. If she played a scale or arpeggio,  following notes were totally silenced. No combination of settings for original sound, high-fidelity music mode, signal processing by Windows drivers and echo-cancellation resolved this problem. My teacher reverted to her old computer running Windows 10 and it works fine.

Here it is 12/18/2022 and I have the same problem. Often the first note my piano student or I play sounds like a thunk and the rest of the passage is suppressed. I have a Mac laptop.

You'd think support would have been able to figure it out in 8 months.

I love Zoom, but if this keeps up, I'll have to find another platform for my lessons.

So now you have the problem on a Mac. My singing teacher worked around it by reverting to her older computer running Windows 10. The problem is a deal-breaker for anyone who uses a piano. Evidently, Zoom detects the straight tone (no pitch change as with a voice) and decides that it is noise. It makes a mockery of the gong used to start and end meditation sessions too. Supposed to go Ringggggggggggg... but goes Tunkk.

Hey Zoom are you listening? Gongs go Tunkk. Piano notes do the same thing. Seems any sustained note does the same thing. Sounds like a noise cancelling device or a compressor turned up way too high in a recording studio.

I'm having exactly the same issue. Windows 11 and Zoom. I have no issue with other audio apps (OBS, my DAW). I can play and hear music through both. My only problem is with Zoom. I have been doing this for almost three years, so I really do know the proper settings. Yes, I have Original Sound on. That is not the issue. This does seem to be a conflict between Zoom and something in Windows 11.


Is there any way to open a support issue with Zoom?



My singing teacher took her computer to best Buy. Geek Squad reinstalled Windows 11. That did not solve the problem.