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Audio Troubleshoot


When I connect my wireless earbuds and start Zoom meetings it automatically reconnects the earbuds from Bluetooth. Meanwhile, if I watch videos on YouTube or attend a call from WhatsApp I don't face the same problem. Even 5 members of my team facing the same issue both on Windows and Android phones on Zoom. Does anyone know how to fix this?



What you're describing as a problem sounds like a feature to me.


If your earbuds are connected to your device, why wouldn't you want Zoom to use them?


I want to use my Sony earbuds, but Zoom keeps saying it can't recognize the device.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @MI8 I am trying to understand your use case here as to having Zoom open and in-meeting, while also attempting to listen audio output from Youtube or WhatsApp. You're most likely going to run into some issues as to your device trying to understand where you want output and input, saying that because Zoom will utilize your input/output devices, and to my understand so will WhatsApp. Youtube, on the other-hand will utilize your output.


From the Zoom side of things, I would suggest manually selecting your input/output devices from the Zoom desktop client settings > Audio.


Or, you have the option to disconnect computer audio

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