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Audio Recording is Missing One of the Presenters


Audio recording playback revealed one of the main speakers did not record. All other voices are captured. His audio has been recorded in past meetings using the same device and location. Any ideas on why only one voice didn't record? Everyone could hear him during the meeting, he had a deep clear, plenty of volume in his voice. I'm not sure how to trouble shoot to prevent happening again. I reformatted audio just in case and still big blank spots. He was the main speaker, with brief comments during the talk which are recorded. Ideas are appreciated - thank you in advance!



This just happened to me as well in a recording this morning. Everyone could be heard just fine during the meeting, but the audio from a few of the participants is missing in the recording.


I've never encountered that before.


This has happened in New Zealand this morning too.  The exact same issues as timber's post.  Is there any way of fixing audio file?  I checked the available file and it's missing large patches of audio.


That happened to me two days ago as well. If anyone knows how to fix this, please share here. Thanks 


Just happened to me too on a training I led with ~100 participants. It only recorded my audio and audio for one other presenter. The audio is missing on both the video and audio-only versions that recorded to the cloud.

Such a shame, as we had a robust Q&A at the end, but you can't hear any questions...and can only hear a few answers.

Hope we can figure this out!