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Audio Problems


Hello all, I'm new here. I have a McBook Pro and a large monitor attached. I bought a camera and it sits on top of the monitor.  When in a meeting I can hear everyone else fine, my voice is muffled and they can barely hear me. I've gone through the tutorial for audio and have followed the instructions and nothing changes. Is this a problem with Zoom, my computer or the camera and how can I tell. Help please


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @irishf99, if you go into your Zoom client settings > Audio > Microphone, do you have other options to select from for your microphone? Sometimes the default will be the camera that is being used if the camera has an integrated microphone.



I would suggest testing audio within your Zoom audio settings and if there are multiple microphone options to test each one to determine the muffled microphone which may result in the microphone just being too far. And, if you haven't already updated -- suggest updating your Zoom client. 




Here are also some KB articles on audio issues here




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