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Audio Problems AfterUpdate


I teach music with Zoom, and the audio has worked perfectly up until now. Between one class and the next tonight, I updated to the latest version of Zoom, and the sound is terrible. I got lots of complaints, and since I use Zoom for several classes a week, I'm very worried. You can't seem to contact support, so I'm stuck. Can you go back to an earlier version of Zoom?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @NigelG , thank you for your contribution to the community. I apologize that you have not yet received a reply from the community, but I wanted to check in and provide some help.


It appears there is another post that outlines a similar issue: Audio Delay, Loud Static/White Noise . I encourage you to review that post, and if the reply accepted solution provides you with the assistance you are looking for, I encourage you to close this current discussion by marking this reply as the accepted solution. Users who view this post can then navigate to @StevenJM  post to find the similarly asked question and solution that you also found to be helpful 🙂


In the future, I encourage you to use the community search function to first browse already submitted posts based off of similar keywords and phrases. You might find that another fellow community member has already asked the same question, and will save you the hassle of creating a new post .


If the referenced post and reply does not answer your question, please reply back to this post and provide any additional information that may be helpful for our community experts to assist you.


Thank you!


Zoom Community Team