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Audio Echo


About halfway through my recent two-hour meeting echo began on the voices of all meeting participants. When I spoke I could hear an echo of my voice also. This fault made understanding of speech practically impossible. This condition occurred during a meeting of the same group of people several months ago also. With regard to the latter occurrence, I advised the meeting host of the problem. He noticed that a second session of the meeting had been activated on my computer. That second session was causing the echo. Rather than removing that second session (which might have made it impossible for me to rejoin the meeting) he moved it to "the waiting room" (?....someone may be familiar with that term). That action stopped the echo. (NOTE: I didn't have the opportunity to advise the host of my echo problem during this recent occurrence since it would have disrupted ongoing meeting conversation, but I would guess that the echo during this meeting was caused by the same "second session" problem)


Does anyone know how/why the interfering second session is being activated? I know that I'm not deliberately starting a second session. For possible assistance in analysis of this problem, the only device I had connected to Zoom during both occurrences referenced was my desktop computer, an iMac (macOS Ventura 13.2.1 software) using Safari as browser.