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Audio Echo When Chromebook Enters meeting??


My family has regular zoom meetings which have, for about a month, experienced severe echo whenever my aunt's Chromebook joins the meeting.  SHE does not hear the echo and her voice does not echo.  The rest of us hear everyone else echoing at a 4-syllable delay.  Sometimes we hear the speech echoed more than once.

Muting her does not alleviate the echo.  The echo stops immediately if she leaves the meeting but resumes if she rejoins.  She has joined meetings from multiple locations/buildings/cities with the same results.  Any ideas?



My group of 20 participants has found this happens with one specific person.  We discovered that if she turns off her camera, the echo,skipping and distortions stops for her voice.  We've found that when a person has logged in on more than one device we also have problems with their reception.  Though we don't seem to have problems with any of other participants when this person is in the Zoom.  Our issues might be different issues.  Good luck.