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Audio Delay - Need a Solution Please!


I have a fairly new computer (like last month new) that is robust but there is an audio delay that occurs periodically throughout every single Zoom meeting lately.  I have updated my drivers, tested my audio settings, tested the zoom audio settings, uninstalled and re-installed Zoom, and have had my Internet company come out here and make certain it wasn't anything on their end which it is not.  


When other participants speak there is about a 3-5 second delay that when the volume jumps back in, it has sped up what was said and that can occur over someone else speaking.  I'm unable to hear what is said and I'm missing quite a bit!  This must be resolved.  


Will someone please explain how I can resolve this issue as it has to be with Zoom as I've exhausted all avenues.  Please.  This is the main way the people on our team communicate in the am and we will have to find something else, if I cannot get this resolved.


Thank you!!