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Assigning an alternative host to an existing recurring zoom meeting


Hi There,  Can anyone tell me if I have an existing recurring meeting that started two months ago - can i add an alternative hose to start and run the meeitng if I am not on the call?  If yes how do I do it?


I have tried t do it to the meeting appointment in outlook - but when I add the name it doesn't allow me to save it - it says 'add zoom meeting ' - I haven't selected this as I am afraid it will go to all the attendees and will change my meeting.


I have also tried to do it on Zoom .com on the Web.  It allows me to add the new name but when I open the appointment in outlook there is no alternative host name.


Is there a way around this?


Thank you,




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi Helen, I find configuring these changes are easiest via the web portal. My understanding is that you can set an alternate host as long as they part of the same Zoom account as you. You'll also want to ensure that your waiting room is switched off and that attendees can join before the host. Alternatively, you could share your host key with the user so that they can claim host duties after joining. More info about the host key can be found here: