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Are my Zoom workshop meetings being hacked?


I was hosting a workshop today and had about 20 people on with me when my Zoom client completely froze.

I couldn't see their comments
They couldn't see me change the slides I was sharing
and I lost total control of the controls - I couldn't access them at all

They could still hear me and interact with each other.

I couldn't even leave the meeting and join again. To end the meeting I had to shut down my PC.


My 1-1 meetings have been fine, it's only these large ones I have a problem with. I have a 100meg fibre line so my internet isn't a problem.

The same thing happened 2 weeks ago when I was hosting another workshop with about 40 people.

Am wondering if my Zoom meetings are being hacked somehow?

Any ideas??



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @AnnD 


That is unlikely to be hacking problem. It sounds more like a software or hardware performance issue.


Are you using features like transcription or closed captions?


Is your Zoom client up-to-date?




No, your Zoom workshop meetings are not being hacked. However, there have been some reports of so-called "zoo bombing," where uninvited guests crash Zoom meetings and disrupt them. To prevent this from happening to your meeting while Training Workshops, make sure that you have a strong password set up, and that only person who is supposed to