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Arch crash when host shares screen to breakout rooms


I have found a repeatable bug which causes zoom to crash. Every time I'm in a zoom meeting where I have joined a breakout room, if the teacher keeps/starts sharing the screen with the option 'share to breakout rooms' selected once the sharing becomes active my zoominstance auto scales to fullscreen freezes and abruptly stops.

The logs have couple mentions of missiing args right before the crash but might also be unrelated:

QString::arg: Argument missing: You are viewing 's screen

Journalctl just has

kernel: zoom[<uid>]: segfault at ... ... error 4 in[...] likely on CPU 3 (core 3, socket 0)

and then the core dump.

Version in use is the lates linux 5.17.1 and I have tested with AUR package and the Arch/Manjaro package from zoom's download center. I also have done a clean install and made sure that all the dependencies are up to date.