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Anonymous (invisible participant)


Hi, I teach a class on zoom on a certain subject related to language. 


The issue I'm having is, I feel like there is a anonymous/ invisible participant in my meetings. I thought this would not be possible. But, then I saw on the web that on "zoom web Sdk" or something like that', it's possible to join a meeting without you even being visible. Is this possible? Is there any possible way someone can join your meeting and you won't even see them in the participants list? Is this possible or am I just overthinking it?


Also, I was told that if you code your own client on the SDK, you can join a meeting while being invisible on the participants list. Is this even possible? Can someone do this if they have your meeting i.d and password?


Community Champion

Hi @Loveforeve 


No, there is no way for someone to join a Zoom meeting invisibly. If they are in the meeting, the host and other participants will see their name listed with other participants, even if they are not seen on video or heard on audio. 

Meeting SDKs are a way to build a custom version of Zoom, but they follow the same rules as the normal Zoom app. 


Hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.

Thanks I really appreciate the reply. But I still need help . Someone who knows computers told me that if you code your own client on the SDK, write programs and understand the communication protocols,  it could be possible to join a meeting invsibly . Is this possible or really far fetched for someone to do?

Community Champion

As far as I know, this is not possible to do. Your friend may know computers, but I know Zoom. 😀