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Android phone screen sharing not working correctly



Okay, that wasn't supposed to post without me typing the post! I have a Note 10+. I share screen and the only thing other participants can see is the initial screen with the app icons. I can choose to start on any page of the app icons and that is the only screen that shows. I can't switch to another page, can't show an opened app, can't show annotations, even on the initial screen that shares. Nothing, but the initial screen. I get no notifications saying what being shared (they're enabled) and no meeting controls for screen sharing. Why can't I share whatever is on my screen? I'm not trying to share a page. I'm trying to share my screen.

I'm also facing the same issue. Any fix update on the issue?


When screen sharing from an Android phone isn't functioning properly, there could be various reasons behind the issue. It might be due to compatibility issues with the app or platform you're using for screen sharing. Have you checked if the screen sharing feature is enabled in your phone's settings and the app's permissions? Additionally, ensuring both devices have stable internet connections can impact screen sharing quality. Exploring these factors might help pinpoint the issue or reaching out to the app's support for specific troubleshooting steps could assist in resolving the problem.

Thank you., but I have a more than adequate internet connection, am using wifi connection on my Android device, am using the Zoom app for the screen sharing and am using the Zoom app for my platform, unless you're talking about my Android, which is the latest version and up to date. So is my Zoom app. I'm fairly techy, have used Zoom for years, have had no problems sharing screens - I use them for business, where the participant can control my shared screen and everything - on my laptop or my ipad. I've used my Android phone for Zoom meetings, but this is the first time I tried  to share my screen. I needed to show someone how to sync a calendar and couldn't.

And I forgot to mention that screen sharing is not an option in my permissions. Contacts, notifications, mic, camera, files and a couple other options are, but not screen sharing. And like I said, once in the app and sharing the screen, I don't have notifications on the top that says what is being shared and I don't have controls on the bottom for screen sharing options. The Zoom FAQs tell me I should have those options. It does ask me about recording what I'm sharing, which I allow, in order to be able ot share the initial screen, but after that, nothing else can be shared.


I am also having the same issue as apparently are many other tablet users. I am going to go off a limb and say Zoom has done something that has disabled the share feature. I find it insane my cell phone can screenshare but not my tablet. I pay for zoom and this is a huge issue for me as well considering I paid quite a lot for this device to be more mobile and still work and now it is a useless brick if I cannot use the sharescreen feature.... I am hoping there will be a patch or update soon? Does anyone know of a work around in the meantime?


I am going to try and extend my screen with my cell phone and then initiate the zoom meeting from my cell and see if I can screen share my tablet this way as Samsung is supposed to be able to extend screens between devices. Hopefull there will be a fix soon.