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Alternative host are the same in all zoom meetings for the day


Hi, how come when I assign someone as an alternative host (prior to the scheduled meeting), the same person/s assigned in a particular meeting becomes the alternative host of other meetings on the same day? This kind of setting is not applicable to us because we have several different meetings in a day, attended by different people. We need assistance on this topic, please.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @kdotn03,


It sounds like you are possibly using your PMI (Personal Meeting ID) for all meetings instead of using dynamically created meeting ID's for each meeting.


If all meetings are using the same ID and you set an Alternate for that Meeting ID, they would be an Alternate for all instances of that Meeting ID.


When scheduling meetings don't use your PMI< let Zoom generate a different Meeting ID for each Meeting.


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