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Allowing only one participant to speak at a time


I will soon be hosting a couple of club AGMs.  If necessary to control interruptions, how can I control the meeting so that (a) only one person at a time can be heard, and equally important, (b) I know wishes to speak, in time order, i.e. first to indicate (silently - presumably by hand mechanism) gets the next speaking slot?  When that person is speaking, how do I ensure that that person drops off the "request to speak?" list until the hand is raised again? 

Is there then an easy way for (probably the original speaker, e.g. the club president) to respond before the next raise hand is allowed to speak? 



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @WhinBrew, you can take advantage of the consent to unmute. You will need to enable this in your Account settings, "Request permission to unmute". After the setting has been enabled, you will see, "Request permission to unmute participants" under Meeting options when setting up a Meeting. Along with taking advantage of Security settings in-meeting and having participants can 'unmute themselves' unchecked; therefore, the host can have the ability to unmute and mute. 


Hope this helps! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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