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Allowing anyone in organization to start meeting/be assigned as alternative host


The Issue: We have a large workforce of over 50 people who run events on Zoom, but sometimes people trade shifts last second and the new host is not able to start the meeting because they were not initially set up as host or alternate host. When this issue arises, the new host tries to join and gets a "Waiting for Host to Start Meeting" message. 


The solutions I know about: I know we can assign people as alternate hosts, but we sometimes don't have the chance to add people as alternative hosts after they pick up the shift, especially if it is last second. I suppose we could assign everyone in our organization as alternative hosts, but that isn't really realistic with a staff of 50 people. I know we might be able to disable the waiting room so that anybody could launch the meeting, but then I believe our clients could launch the meeting and we don't want them to start the meeting without us. In other words we need to keep people outside of our domain in the waiting room.


The solution I am hoping for: Is there any way to set the meeting up so that anybody in our domain/on our account is able to start the meeting? Or maybe more directly, is there a way to assign all people on our account as alternative host without individually assigning each of our staff members?

I know this is an easy option when scheduling a meeting on Webex, but I haven't been able to find this option in Zoom. Thanks in advance for your help and advice!