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Allowing Someone Else to Run My Meeting??


I have a monthly meeting scheduled for the first Friday of the month - and I cannot make it.  It is run through my paid Zoom account and I am the host.  I'd rather not have cancel it - but I cannot be there this month.  Is there a way to grant someone else permission to host the meeting - using my account perhaps??  None of the other attendees have the paid version of Zoom.  


Thanks for any ideas and advice.



Hello @FUMS ,


Unfortunately, even with a paid account you cannot set someone to what Zoom calls

an "Alternative Host" . In order to use the Alt-Host feature.. Both users need to be

Licensed and on the same account.


You could allow someone else access to your account, but as you might image that

would generally be bad advice, as all sorts of issues could arise.


That said, If you do wish to allow some access to your account so they can lead the meeting;

I would strongly suggest setting your account password to something you could

share with your temporary host and then change it back after the meeting had concluded.


Hope this helps!