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Allow changing screen name before joining a meeting


I use Zoom for some group discussions, and we are supposed to change our names to initials for those chats due to confidentiality. I know I can change it in the preferences permanently, but then I have to remember to go into settings and change before joining the meeting, and then after the meeting go back to settings and change it back to my full name for work meetings. That's a lot of steps. It would be great if while waiting to join the meeting, there was a button that would let me change my screen name just for that 1 meeting, and then once that meeting ended, it continued to use my screen name in settings, like a 1 meeting override. 



Or even better, would be great to pick a profile before joining a meeting (Same dialog it says waiting and test speakers and mic), and we can create a personal profile and work profile and others. The 2 things I end up needing to change often is my screen name and background image (for work, we have a background image with our work logo but I don't/can't use that for personal/non-work meetings). So the profile could just store screen name and background image to start, that would be perfect, kinda like storing multiple email signatures based on who you are writing to.