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All the participants had my name!


I hosted a  Zoom meeting last night - it was the first time that I had everyone register for the meeting ahead of time.  When the participants logged in, they all appeared with my name!!!  It was very odd to see all those people with my name identifying them.  We had to walk everyone through the renaming process so they appeared with their names.  Why would they all automatically be identified with my name?  What did I set up incorrectly?  How do I fix this so it doesn't happen again?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hey, @NTS –


I hate to put it like this, but there’s only one way I can think that this would happen: You registered for your own meeting, then sent your Join link out to everyone  to use to get into the meeting. That Join link is what is tied to your registered name.


Never ever give or publish your Join link after registering.  Each registrant will get their own link sent to them – tied to their name – on completion of the registration process. 


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Thanks Ray

I suppose that's possible ... now that I think about it, I did send out a reminder and used the link I had for the meeting so I bet you are right. For the future, how do I send out a reminder that includes THEIR link instead of MINE?



For the future, what's the best way to send a reminder that includes THEIR link instead of mine?