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All meetings generated by one user automatically require registration, how to turn it off for them?


A user on my company's Zoom account (business licenses) has reported that every time she generates a meeting, it automatically includes registration. We're searched the settings and turned on and off as many as we can, and the registration hasn't budged.


We have 200+ other users on the account who do not have this issue.


Is there a way to prevent registration from automatically generating with new meetings?

Has anyone else run into this?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @calliemack 

There is a video showing how to Enable Registration (or check if enabled by default) when Scheduling a Meeting:


If when Scheduling a New meeting the "Registration" is "checked" by default, then this user must have it enabled/checked by default on their Personal Portal Meeting Settings. Take a look to the next link to verify the setting and disable it as needed.


I hope this helps, and please let us know how it went. Vinnie.

Hi Vinnie,


Thank you!


For the second link you supplied ( which section should I be looking at? I could be reading it wrong but it looks like the section titled "how to enable registration for a meeting" only shows how to turn it on and off for one meeting at a time, not on or off for all meetings a user creates. 



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You are correct, I thought the option was there but it isn't. I has been doing some research and I have found that "Registration Required" feature is actually something you need to manually Turn-On, it is not automatically turn-on. I can't think of two reason why this might be happening, just to this user:

1) Verify if that user has defined/saved a Meeting Template that might have that option Checked and using it all the time to create meetings.

2) This feature only can be enabled when scheduling meetings from the Web Portal, not from the Zoom App. Try to schedule a meeting from an Outlook Plug-in or the Zoom App itself and verify if the meeting is send with the registration enabled; when scheduling from the Zoom App...the option  "Reg. Req." doesn't even show.


Last but not least...I would with different browser, or maybe in Incognito mode, or clearing all the Cache and Cookies to see if it makes a difference, and if clearing the cache is not an option, maybe try from a different computer's Web Browser.


This is a strange one!


Hello, was this problem eventually solved? There is a user in my organisation who has the same problem.



We eventually found that there is a setting in the Zoom Chrome extension which allows you to "require registration" and this was what was causing this issue for my colleague.