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All meeting participants given host name


On my last meeting of about 20 people, roughly 15 of them signed on from their own accounts but were all named "Chelsea".  They had to manually go in and change their name if they wanted to show their actual name about their box.  How do I ensure my next meeting does not give each person my name and  instead signs them on with the name attached to their account?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @chelsbythesea 


This sounds like your meeting required registration, and somehow Chelsea's unique join-link got shared to other participants. If they clicked this link, they could well have been joined as "Chelsea".


Yes, this has happened to me. The question is - how do you send a reminder email with a link to the participants? What link should you send them? If you send the registration link again, it looks like they have to register again.


Yes, I would like to know this too! We want to send a reminder email to all registered attendees but don't want to send me unique link as they will all join as me. Any help?

I found a work-around solution. If you go into the registration options and choose Email Settings, you can change the email to send out a reminder by going in the day before (or whenever you choose to send your reminder) and resend them the confirmation email at that time. They will all get their own link sent to them.