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Airpod disconnect


Hi All - I have had a very frustrating experience, where my airpods appear to be connected to my computer and work initially during a zoom call but will stop transmitting audio after a few minutes. They still appear to be paired and connected to my computer and still even show up as an option within the zoom audio settings, but will not function properly. This is an issue across other airpods - not just one in particular. It also only happens during a zoom call, audio works fine while watching youtube/netflix for example.


Are there any settings that we need to be aware of that should help fix this? I have tried all of the other suggested items, such as disconnecting from other devices etc.  It is very clear to me that this is a zoom only issue.


Thanks for the help!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @lw5324, I had this same issue before 😩. Once I reset my AirPods by pressing and holding the button on the back of my case, the issue was resolved for me. Have you tried that? If not, I would also suggest possibly deleting and then re-installing the Zoom app. Let me know if this helps! 

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Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?


I have the same issue with my AirPods Pro during Zoom meetings. Audio and Mic stops going into earphones while still shown as connected in Bluetooth. Very frustrating and bad experience for me and my business partners.  I contacted Apple support on this issue and we did the AirPods full reset procedure, it didn't help with this issue. Can you advice how to properly re-install the Zoom app from Mac OS Monterey?


I've also had this issue. It was not solved by resetting airpods or uninstalling and reinstalling zoom. 


I have the same frustrating issue- during zoom calls ONLY, audio stops going into the airpods  while still shown as connected. It was not solved by resetting airpods or uninstalling and reinstalling zoom. The airpods are working great with regular phone-calls, or watching netflix etc. Super frustrating.

Same problem, I made several support calls at Apple, even changed my Air Pods Pro with brand new ones and didn't fix the problem. The problem is with with Zoom only.


To update on this issue, reinstalling Zoom on Mac and iPhone didn't help either. Problem event persist in MacOS Safe Mode. Very frustrating.


Same issue here, but with various other bluetooth headsets - JBL, Samsung. 
Calls begins looking fine, but the bluetooth device is disconnected in a few minutes.
It only happens with Zoom. Sessions with other vendors (GotoMeeting, MS Teams, Google, etc) always works fine. System updates and recent Zoom versions are also not helpful. 
So, so much frustrating. Even more when we cannot find any answer from Zoom.

Exact same experience. I can use my computer audio and AirPod Pros for anything on my computer but Zoom. I work remotely and this is a problem.


I joined the Community to see if I could find the answer to exactly this issue.  I have used my AirPodsPro with Zoom for over two years - often for 4 or 5 hours a day without issue.  Suddenly, with the latest update to Version: 5.10.7 (7748) - my AirPodsPro won't work.  The Audio Settings say they are connected, Testing Audio says that all is OK - but, once a call begins, the participants are unable to hear me nor I them.  It is very frustrating and, as a fellow Zoom user says, it is embarrassing and appears unprofessional when I am the Zoom host.  I have also tried all the Apple Support suggestions - but the problem HAS to be with Zoom as the AirPodsPro work with WhatsApp, FaceTime etc. without a problem.  I am merely registering the fact that this is an issue - and the Zoom Community experiencing it seems to be growing.............


Agreed with the above; the aforementioned fixes have not worked and the AirPods work flawlessly with other applications. The disconnect / failure during Zoom appears to be Zoom-specific and I wanted to register my experience as well.


I've been having trouble with my airpods disconnecting from zoom for the past couple of months and it is so frustrating. I can't take notes during virtual meetings because I have to keep reconnecting my airpods - only to have them disconnect 3 minutes later. Not sure what to do to fix it, all I know that this problem only happens with zoom. Someone on the Zoom needs to fix this please



This problem persists. I cannot rely on Zoom audio anymore because every time I enter a breakout room, the audio connection to my airpods vanishes. Turning my audio and bluetooth off and back on will sometimes, unreliably, get it working again.  Have tried every intervention with the airpods themselves, including using various other brands of headphones.  Happens across devices too, including the uninstall/reinstall Zoom app suggestion.... so I am left with the conclusion that the problem is with Zoom itself and not with my hardware or apps. I resent that Zoom has not fixed this issue that someone else reported here a year ago, because I pay a monthly fee to use Zoom and they should at least try to be usable. 


I am having the same issue with my AirPods.  They had been working fine for the past 2 years that I have been actively on Zoom.  All of a sudden, I cannot connect my AirPods with the Zoom meeting.  I am having to resort to using earplugs.  I have tried all the troubleshooting techniques.  Any ideas/ suggestions?


i have the same issue, only discounted while zoom meeting .. any one find solution ? pls help. even i use new mac, same issue. 


I recently bought the new AirPods Pro, largely to use for work calls on Zoom, and immediately began experiencing the issue discussed in this topic. I guess it's good to know it's just Zoom and not my AirPods, but sucks since I can't use them for one of the main things I bought them for.


Not to pile on, but I have the same issue - I'm connected - only to zoom - the correct devices are displayed, I have reset my airpods and I have re-installed zoom, and yet the issue persists when there are no issues on other platforms. While it helps to confirm this is a Zoom issue, it's still an issue. Are there any @Anonymous  helpdesk members or development team members here?  Any reason why Zoom and Apple can't play nicely in the sandbox?


Just adding to the pile - Airpods Pro purchased just a week or so ago, primarily for supporting remote work, disconnect audio when rejoining main Zoom meeting from break out rooms. Super frustrating!


Zoom FIX THIS! Does this happen on your PC's too? Or just MacBooks? I have the SAME problem on my MacBook with every bluetooth mic I have tried. And since Mac block the ability to use wired mics unless you your tube it and find solutions to your wired mic, you are kinda screw'd. I want to throw out my macbook or switch to google meets. I am so sick of this. (I used to use a wired mic and PC last year on zoom and it was fine btw.)


I too am having the same issue. Macbook Pro, airpods (wireless) and zoom. I am trying to watch and edit my video before sending to a group and I cannot connect the airpods. So everyone in the room gets to hear my video. Please let me know if there is a fix and thank you.


hi - any solution to this issue yet?



I tried this - just using airpods for speaker input but using my computer's internal mic for output and it seems to be working so far.

Got this tip from Reddit: 

Been trying to solve this problem for the past week. Found a solution, it seems to be an issue when connecting to audio. Make sure the AirPods are just connected to the output (speaker) and NOT the microphone (just use your internal mic). You can switch the sound preferences (input/ output) on your laptop. You can also change these preferences directly on Zoom in settings, again just make sure AirPods are only selected for the output. This is a just a quick fix but it's worked for me.


I had the same problem and this seems to be the only solution: manually enable airpods for audio but lease microphone on system mic. Not ideal, since it means you need to be close to the computer to participate (sometimes I walk around the house while off videos on calls and I can't do this now). But it's a stopgap if the system speakers are less good or if you need to be near the device anyway. 


same problem on MacBook Pro early 2015, I have that disconnection when I'm starting to open some windows or apps on my Mac, or even if I move from an app to another the sound start to clattering and if I continue doing something as moving windows or open app just stop sound, others can hear me but not me to them


Same problem with AirPods Max and Zoom Version: 5.17.11 (31580) on MacOS Monterey

Is your Airpod paired to more than on device? if so the audio will stop/pause if the other device starts sending audio.  This is very common if you have it paired to your phone, and to your computer.  While using it on the computer a notification alert comes in on your phone and the phone's audio takes over.  Notification chirps are short and can be easily missed when listening to another audio stream.