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Advanced Poll Question


In the documentation for advanced polling, it states the following:

  • All meeting participants must be on the supported version or higher, or they will not be able to see or participate in an advanced poll or quiz. If unable to update to the minimum version, we recommend joining through the web client. 


Am I then to believe that if a participant is not logged into Zoom app version 5.8.3 or better,  they cannot see or participate in the advanced poll at all, even if the questions are just single or multiple choice (The original basic questions).   Does the participant receive a message stating they can't see the poll?  Does the host?  If joining though a web client, do they see it then?  Are there limitations to joining this way regarding polls?

Thank You,



Zoom Moderator

Hey @kjhartma, when enabling advanced polls you can a message stating, "Users using older versions of Zoom will not be able to participate in polls with new question types or take quizzes." therefore, to answer your question on single choice and multiple choice they'd be able to participate in. From the host side of things and I have not reverted back versions to test, however, I believe the only messaging the host is aware of is the noted message when clicking on Advanced Polls and Quizzes. 


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So if I create an advanced poll and only do single/multiple choice questions and have correct answers, can users not on most up to date version of the Zoom desktop app see the questions?  They can definitely see them on regular polls still, or advanced polls with single/multiple choice questions with no correct answers, just a poll question?