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Admin canceled user's meeting


On three occasions now, users have gotten emails from Zoom indicating that the account admin (me) had canceled their meetings. I was able to verify that the meeting they claimed was canceled was indeed not listed in the user's upcoming meetings.


I know for a fact that I didn't cancel their meetings, so what else would cause this behavior? Another admin posited that perhaps something performed by an LTI would indicate the account admin as the one who performed an action. Is this plausible?



Did you find a solution to this?


So, in our case, in all three cases (discovered through a fourth occurrence), the user was working with the University Libraries. The library was using an integration with their platform, LibCal. The Zoom LTI for LibCal had never been setup on our account, so the fact that it worked at all was surprising. We've since approved the app and setup the integration, and--knocks on wood--we haven't had any of these since then.