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Admin Report On Zoom Client Versions


Hello, before posting this question I did look around for similar questions that may have been resolved but I wasn't able to find one specific to this. This question came up in response to this article/bulletin:


Is there a way to generate an admin report that would tell us what client version the users on call are using?


I'd appreciate any help. Thank you!




Hey Zoom, you guys have been great during the pandemic. Honestly, thanks for that.

Your new time restrictions on personal, (one to one) calls suck!

Again, thanks for the 'tease', but it's clear now you are just a bunch of money hungry mosquitos.

Zoom used to be fun. You fucked it up.

You are a greedy bunch of people. So thanks for the earlier Zoom, (during the pandemic)

Why did you guys decide to become evil?

So yea, "fulove you", I'll see you in Heaven.
Best wishes


Solved: I found the answer to my own inquiry: Here