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Adjust audio output level while screen sharing?




So I'm wondering - when I share my screen, and share my computer's sound, can I adjust the audio output level?  In the audio settings, I can find an audio level, but it seems to only be adjusting what I can hear.  Is there a way to adjust how much signal I am sending out to the participants?






Community Champion

Hi @PDN777 

I answered a similar question in this post: Zoom 5.8.4: How to control the volume of the “shared sound” that is enabled when sharing a screen? 


Hope that helps! 


Thanks for your answer.  I understand what you wrote.  Here's a follow up:


There is in Zoom in audio settings an "audio output" slider.  I hear the volume change in my headphones as I slide it.  Question:  does this effect the volume the other people hear?  



Community Champion

No, that is just the audio your computer is creating on your end through your speakers or headphones, not the overall volume of the meeting.