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Add to Google Calendar SHOULD NOT require google account access


When Zoom sends an email invite to people for an event, when someone clicks on the Add to Google Calendar link - Zoom is requesting access to peoples google calendars.  


1) This is not necessary - it is possible and I see it with every other add to google calendar link I click on - that the event is populated in my calendar and I just have to click save.  No other event company requires me to grant them access to my google calendar.


2) It may reduce attendance.  People may not do this, because they don't trust companies who ask for such access, and they may miss the event as a result.


Do other people have this complaint? 

Does Zoom management know they are requesting access to people's calendars when they don't have to (and shouldn't)?



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @why-do-i-have-2, appreciate the feedback here! Zoom takes their feedback from With the Calendar integration Zoom requires user authorization for the permission to "View all Calendars" and "Edit all Events". 


You can look into this Google Calendar Thread on a similar discussion to yours and read up on some of the Product Expert's feedback as to the requesting of permissions with Google Calendar.


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