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Active Speaker mode not recording correctly




I just went to record a meeting with another person in Active speaker mode. However, when I looked back at the recording, when I speak the video doesn't show me, it just stays on the other person. So it has both of us talking but the video never changes from the other person.


Any tips on how to change this so it changes when each of us speak? It didn't use to happen so wonder if I have accidentally changed the settings but can't work it out 🙂





Hi PhilO
There's another related content with other zoom's clients with the same problem

"local recordings not showing host video in speaker view"

That's what I had posted there:

I'm a piano teacher and I'm having the same problem in the last 2 weeks.
I didn't change anything. Same settings on zoom, same mic, same cables, same webcam, same OS, same apps... Everything like the past 2 years and suddenly my local recordings don't show me anymore teaching... just my student watching me...and my sound..
I "solved" the problem for now changing to gallery view, but it's not good for my students because the piano image on recording it's half the ideal size..
Please let me know if you fix this problem
Thank you

In that discussion the problem hasn't solved yet...
Some people advice me to change to a previous zoom version, but I don't think this is correct.
If the problem is a zoom's bug, someone on the zoom company have to solve this problem for us, the clients..