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Hello, I am doing this for a friend of mine as they cannot login to aske the question. Their account was disabled with no email from you guys and they are now in jeopardy of being kicked out of school because they cannot attend the lectures etc. They cannot communicate with family out of state nor can they help those they work with. Can you please please give some explanation as to why they has been no email they have not responded to the appeal , they cannot talk to a live person, they really need answers. i know for a fact they never violated any terms that are a listed. They are very compassionate and kind to all and this has really taken away their lifeline and has put them in jeopardy of a lot of what they use the zoom platform for as they live where there are not a lot of resources available. How is this even remotely okay? will you please help me help them? I have seen way way way worse in zoom meetings and those people are never blocked to their accounts! Being able to talk to an actual human would be so helpful for them. And is this being done out of spite by someone else ? Or is it at random? Like how does this even happen to begin with? so much confusion and so much on the line for them in every aspect of their life. I truly urge you to actually speak with the people whom you disable accounts, I know another friend of ours that the same thing happened to her no email no warning no nothing they were in meeting and listening not even speaking and all of a sudden account gone, then they are asked to login and and contact whomever but they cant do that because they cant sign in due to ERROR1132.. so that right there is contradicting in itself. also these people that is has happened to that i know live in very very small remote towns and they depend on zoom for ALOT. Please I aske of you before they lose their chance at getting their education and work do not let them sit in silence any longer and reach out. Take into consideration the livelihood of these folks who do not live in big cities and zoom is the main thing for almost all they do, Have better communication, do not just leave them in the dark especially when they know , I know they did absolutely nothing wrong. our one friend runs a non profit animal rescue and the other person is in the healthcare field and a single parent that is working hard to raise their kids the right way and to get more education than they already have. These people are not criminals by any nature. I ask  you to not ignore this and communicate so I can show them. @zoomsupport Account is Disabled. Please contact Support. (1,003) 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello. I'm sorry your friend is having issues. To speak to someone from Zoom, you need to be a licensed owner or administrator of a Business, Enterprise, or Educational account, or a Licensed member on an account with a Premier or Premier+ support plan. There are other support options, but your friend needs to reach out to Zoom. They will most likely need to use the chatbot. The Zoom Community is here to answer questions, but we can't do anything with billing or reinstating accounts. The only option I can think of, is to make a new Zoom account using a different email. Thank you.


If you have tried to enter an incorrect password too many times, your Zoom account will be temporarily locked. To unlock your account successfully, go to >> click on "Forgot Password" >> Enter your registered Email ID.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @sd2ak 

The process for handling a 1132 error has recently changed, so please have your friend follow the new instructions provided on this support article: