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Accessing and Sharing recordings


Hello Zoom Community.

I recorded my first meeting and it converted to MP4.  When I went to find the link to share with the participants it is not in my cloud.  It's classified as a local recording saved on my computer.  

1. How do I ensure my recordings go to the cloud so I can share links?

2. How do take my current recording and put it in the cloud?


please help!!!




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

 Hello @joshuamendez,


Here are some pointers for Cloud Recordings….


1) You must have a paid license for Cloud Recording 

2) Login to the Zoom Portal (in a web browser)

3) Click on Settings and then the Recording Tab

4) Make sure cloud recording is enabled.  Then turn on/off other switches for the different recording options such as different views, transcript, time stamp, etc

5) Start your Zoom Meeting

6) Click the Record Button 

7) Select Cloud instead of Local



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