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Access restricted, no privilege to do this action. (200)


Getting this error when trying to add appointments to google calendar.



Same thing happened to us (company)


For Google: access restricted, no privilege to do this action. (200)
For Outlook: Invalid meeting ID. (3,001)

Interestingly, this happens when we use our phones but via the PC, it works well.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @yallarealty and @WIRSPA are you trying to visit the add to Google Calendar link?


If so, you'll notice the link is something like which is being handing off to the Zoom site ( domain) and authenticating Zoom user permissions before handing off to Google Calendar. Are you sharing the meeting by sharing that link?


If you're not logged in to Zoom as the host of the meeting or have Alt Host or Schedule Privileges for that meeting host, then you'll get that permissions (200) error when you go to that specific link. 

Alternatively, if the host saves the meeting to their Google cal first and then shares the URL for that event, then others should be able to open that link and save it to their own calendars because that link isn't trying to authenticate the user in the same way. 


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