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Absolutely Horrible Experience


I just need to talk to a freaking person on Zoom! Thanks to this horrible experience I missed a job interview scheduled on Zoom since the application on my computer refuses to update, joining the browser would not allow me to join, the meeting and when I joined through my phone, the host was not able to see me join! thank you for letting me miss my final job interview for my dream job! To add insult to injury, there is no way to speak to a freakingperson when contacting you! give people a horrible experience and refuse to face consequences! I understand the importance of cutting costs by reducing the wage bill and using AI to answer questions but at some point, there needs to be people to help resolve issues faster! Abysmal experience and I will make sure that I will go on every channel I can to air my grievances until someone stands to pay for the harm caused by the lack of responsibility of this horrible product!