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Able to do this with zoom one?


Hello. I am new to Zoom, and about to subscribe. I am thinking Zoom One is what I need. I want to confirm that it is appropriate for what I am seeking to do. I have attached some pictures from a videographer that live streams and I am looking to do the same kind of thing as the pictures display.

I am filming weddings and streaming with Vmix. I wish to have a main video stream presented from my switcher and sent into zoom as the main focus. I also want to see the "gallery" of people available at the same time, and occassionally magnify one of those guests to correrspond with the main program (wedding couple). Is what I see in the attached pictures possible with Zoom one or is this some other product that can give such results?

Ive tested using the free version and only have access during the tests to bring in a few people. When I do however, you see those people in zoom but NOT the actual main presentation as shown in the attached pictures. How do I ensure what I am feeding zoom from my switcher always is displayed, and then select people to talk with the main video feed? As it is now, the guests only see themselves and not what I am sending as my "program" from the video switcher, which is confusing.