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Ability to copy recording title, time, date and link with pw removed from share functionality?


Hi all, 

I went in to manually copy the information for a recorded meeting using the share functionality and the button which expands this window to show all the info seems to be gone. Now, it seems I have to use a copy button and can only copy the meeting link and password.  Also, the meeting link is not shown in its entirety so I have to copy the link and pw together, paste them somewhere else and then re-copy to enter into a spreadsheet.  Also, I then have to copy and paste the meeting title and time and date from elsewhere.  How is this an enhancement? 


I already have to spend extra time labeling all of my recurring meetings since they are titled, "personal meeting room" and the day of the week is not listed in the recording list, so I have to have my calendar open and figure out which meeting is which. 
I'd like the software set back to the way it was so I can easily expand the meeting recording info in full and copy the meeting name, date, and time with the recording link and the pw into an email to share with clients, and also into my spreadsheet.  Help!