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40 minutes 1:1



I have the free version. My meeting lasted more than 40 minutes. I thought that since May 2 it was limited to 40 minutes. Is it limited or not to 40 minutes (1:1 free version)?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


Free licenses (Basic) on free accounts

Meeting ends after 40 minutes (active or idle)

  • 1 host, no participants
  • 1 host, 1 participants or more at the same time
  • 0 host, 1 participants or more at the same time (join before host)

If you would like me to further investigate we can review your user account to determine why it allotted past the 40 minute time frame as it should time out if you have a free account. 

My questions seems directly related to your question, Maria20, yet might provide more context...
In the past (for the past 2 years straight)  Zoom's Free Account tier has allowed  myself and one other participant to be in a zoom meeting for up to 24 hours.

As of today, May 3rd, 2022… why is zoom suddenly kicking me out after 40 minutes. 

I use to be able to stay in as long as there was not more than one other person in my meeting.
Did zoom recently change their parameters for free accounts?  Or was I just lucky not to be kicked out of my session s in the past after the 40 minute time limit?

Just found an announcement that answers my concerns... as of May 2nd, 2022, the rules have , indeed, changed for Basic (free) account. Even one-on-one zoom sessions will be limited to 40 min.