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¥20,000/$200 per year for a Pro subscription doesn't entitle me to Live Chat support??


I've been waiting 50 minutes for a Support rep to join a meeting as requested and still no help. Now I find the Pro subscription doesn't qualify for Live Chat support. Pretty mediocre service from Zoom,  I must say.


I searched this forum instead.


My iPad won't screen share because the 'Your screen sharing is Paused' alert can't be switched off. Community boards suggest others have had the same problem but I don't see any solutions. Can anyone help?



Plenty of people reading my post but no reaction.


Has anybody had a Support Rep join their meeting promptly?

As for the iPad, I had a similar problem before with loud sounds interrupting meetings when I tried sharing from the iPad. I found various suggestions on this forum but the issue eventually went away after an iOS update. In the current case the 'Resume sharing' button being ineffective would logically be down to ZOOM since the difficulties began following a recent update to the Zoom client. I can't be any more specific than that but it would be encouraging to get some indication that anyone cared, be they people in the same situation or a representative of ZOOM.