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2 Participants in meeting


Hi - I have the basic plan which should allow me to host a meeting for 1-hour with 2 participants.  Each time I schedule a meeting for 1-hour with me as the host and one participant I get a pop up notice tellling me I am only allowed 40 mins for 3 or more participants.  Please help.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi, Bermuda.


Sorry to hear about what is happening. Either your Zoom desktop client hasn't synchronized yet with your account, or your paid license has not been added to your Zoom user.


First, go to and see if your user has the licensed. If it does not you need to add it. This document can help with that:


Next, go to your Zoom desktop client, check if you are logged in with the right user account and if it shows as "licensed". If it is not updating, try logging out and in again into the desktop client. This is a great help document for that:


wish you all the best!!

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