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1:1 Meetings on Basic Plan Timing Out at 40 minutes


I continue to have my 1:1 meetings timed out at 40 minutes when a Basic Plan should be unlimited time.  You can clearly see that I only invite one participant to join my meetings.  


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@skg , For your reference, the time limits for meetings are specified in here -


If you have issues with 1:1 meeting timing out.I would suggest that you log a problem with Zoom Support at


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Yeah, I just called them and on May 2nd they changed their Basic plan to kick you out after 40 minutes. This was an executive decision and it's another sign of capitalistic greed from large companies. I loved Zoom and was proud of how they supported people during the beginning of virus - to the point where I opted out of participating in the lawsuit against them even though I experienced multiple meetings that were Zoombombed - but this decision is a game changer for me. Will be switching to Google Chat - another capitalistic powerhouse, but they're still free for basic use, for now at least. So sad and frustrating.