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Recent Activity

Usuarios Huawei

¡Hola!, quería sugerir que pudieran agregar Zoom a App Gallery para usuarios de Huawei, ya que es muy complicado trabajar desde la web en un teléfono móvil. Gracias por su trabajo.

Nix by Listener
  • 0 replies

Absorb Integration

Has anyone else had trouble integrating Zoom with the learning management system, Absorb? App permissions are enabled (see attached screenshot), but an error keeps coming up when an instructor led course is set up in Absorb.

zoom meeting on my website

I want to use the zoom meeting link on my website, can I use it. if yes then how is it is the website

Zoom room status

I am looking into api - In response of this api , we have a field "status" that represents zoom room status.Wanted to know what all status room can have ?

Auto-deleting feature with Zapier

Hello all, I have been using the Zapier integration with Zoom and Google Drive for several months, and it has been working beautifully. It copies all my cloud recordings directly to the designated folder in my GD. The trouble is, my Zoom queue fills ...

Zoom app has been in review for 1 month

Hi! I'm not sure if anyone here can help with this, but our application for the Zoom marketplace has been in review for 4 weeks now. We got a notice that it had been approved, and the last notice that I got from the marketplace review team said this:...

Resolved! Zoom JWT app deprecation

Hi Wanted to know is there any deprecation plan for JWT APP. Will it be deprecated in some time ?If yes, how will it affect the existing JWT based apps we use.

Zoom Meeting Connector and Zoom Meeting SDK

Hi All, Could someone let me know if it's possible to use the Zoom Meeting SDK's when also using the Zoom Meeting Connector?What I'm trying to understand is if the API and Webhooks can communicate with the Meeting Connector or they will only work whe...

simonjr by Listener
  • 1 replies
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