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Zoom Meeting Event Details Missing/Not getting populated even after ending the meeting


I’ve installed the Salesforce / Zoom Integration. I can successfully schedule a meeting using the schedule a meeting button provided

Within the Event Detail Page, Zoom will display meeting details such as: participant list, participant count, meeting duration, and recording information in the visual force page, based on the documentation 2.other fields should update once the meeting host has ended the meeting .
I’m ending the meeting and refreshing my event detail page but still there are fields that are not updating at all.

PMI for Scheduled Meeting - tried by both enabling & disabling this setting, but no luck


There are fields that aren’t updating once the meeting has ended.
On the Zoom Event object:
-Zoom Status: Remains as open
-Meeting Type: Stays as scheduled
-Participants doesn’t update
-Participant count doesnt update
-Zoom meeting Start Time doesn’t update
-Zoom meeting end Time doesn’t update
-Duration (mins) doesnt update
-Recording URL doesn’t update


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



Welcome to the Community!  Can you please verify how long you waited for the information to sync back to SFDC?  It is not an immediate process, so it coulld take up to 30 minutes to synchronize.  If you are waiting longer than that, I would recommend that you go to and open a support request so we can take a look at your specific situation and see what might be going wrong.