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Workday with Zoom Setup - on the Zoom Aministration side


Our Zoom Administrator has a few questions regarding setup on the Zoom side. We will be using it for Interview Scheduling with Workday.

1) One of the steps is "Register Client with Web Conference Provider". Our Zoom admin checked the Zoom marketplace and didn't find anything specific to Workday. Usually the integration with Zoom starts with the apps marketplace. Is there a different place in the Zoom Configuration where we could perform this step?

2) The instructions step 2 (below) mentions redirect URL, how do we know which one of the seven URLs is the correct URL? How do we distinguish between our Sandbox and Prod?

step 2. Register Client with your web conference provider.

When registering your client, you'll have to input the redirect URL back to Workday (in the client registration) depending on your web conference provider. These URL's are the same for all tenants and will take you back from where you came from.

3) When we perform Step 5 which is Register External OAuth Client, where does our Zoom Administrator find this information on the Zoom side: 

Step 5 - In addition to the Client ID, Client Secret, and Client Name from Step 1, specify the authorize endpoint URL and token endpoint URL.



These are the steps to be used from Workday's end. At Zoom Only Redirect URL for OAuth of Workday should be configured.


I do have similar kind of request, to confirm for integrating workday with Zoom, should we consider using OAuth or Server-to-Server OAuth app? And suggest deploying it at Account level rather than user managed? 


Where are you getting the instructions/steps to configure the zoom portion of the zoom-workday integration? I'm looking for that documentation!


Workday Community has the instructions. You need a Workday Community account to view. 

Were you able to get this working?

We are struggling with configuration.  Getting an invalid redirect when authenticating to Zoom from the interview panel in Workday.

A client is registered on the Zoom side and we also have that info configured for External OAuth in Workday, all fields except for the revoke parameter.


Unfortunately, no resolution yet.

We are slowly making progress, but still not in the clear.  We are currently stuck on the following when trying to authenticate from Workday:

"You cannot install the app because you don't have the required permissions.  Please contact..."


The first two errors were: 
"Workday unavailable" - added Zoom authorize link to external oauth setup task in Workday.

"invalid redirect" - all 7 redirects on original post above added to the allow list on zoom side.



Were you able to resolve this?

I am getting this below error while integrating Workday with Zoom using Web conference integration:

"Internal Server Error There was an error processing your request. Please return to your home page and try again. If the problem persists, please contact your Workday administrator. Auth Gateway Error Case ."
This is happening when Zoom admin is trying to click on Add button while doing the configuration at Zoom's end. 
I have tried using Redirect URL as :
Any suggestions?