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Please change the new zoom website favicon and logo


Hi there! The new favicon/logo for the web pages of zoom is unacceptable! It is used by the russian terrorists.  It is very insensitive to the time and disrespectful to the people suffering from war, to use such a logo. Could you please provide the feedback to the design and product team??


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi @All

please update your zoom client with the newest version of zoom 5.16.10 and you will get the new Zoom logo.



Let's be realistic. Let's do the impossible!

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Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi appertonek

interesting point, so will go on an tell also all other companies like Zurich insurance, Nissan with their 350 and 370 with the Z logo to change it too?


And what if tomorrow they change to B...




Let's be realistic. Let's do the impossible!

there was an acceptable favicon previously, the one with the camera. But now everyone in the world knows what Z stands for, and you chose it to be your new logo intentionally?

Z is just a letter, get over it.

And a swastika is just a cross with edges pointing out from it

You're dead wrong.  It's not just the letter.  It's the way that letter was designed.  Every time I see it, I think of Russian terrorists.  The old logo was much better in every respect.

Zurich Insurance has an obviously different letter that doesn't resemble the "zwastika".

350 and 370 stopped production years ago, before the russian invasion. If you talk about Nissan Fairlady, its "z" letter is also obviously different from "zwastika".

Zoom didn't have these issues before December 2022 when they decided to change a normal logo to the one that resembles a terrorist symbol.

Hey, russian occupiers every day launch rockets or drones that hit Ukrainian houses, kill innocent people. Lot of russian tanks are killing Ukrainian men that defend their home. So many lives ruined.

It really hurts to see the big Z on the screen. It stopped being "just a letter" on 24.02.2022.

of course it also means zoom will be turned off whenever it is not in active use, because who wants the modern Swastika showing on their monitor?


Also, there are viable competitors to Zoom that aren't using a modern Swastika as their visible logo on everyone's machines...

That's an interesting point that the Z logo actually turns out to be identical to the "look and feel" of the trademarked Zurich Insurance logo. It would be a "shame" if someone from Zurich Insurance found out this information and a legal battle might bring your very recent (post full scale invasion by Russia) logo change to light with millions of customers.


Thank you for sharing this point again Mr Zoom Partner, it inspires many to verify that Zoom has violated Zurich's trademark logo (you're welcome to view this information on their website).


I do think the point that many here are making, that you seem to not be understanding is that the Zurich logo, for example, was created in 1997 (a logo that they dropped from "some" social media channels nonetheless). The creation of the Z logo, by Zoom, was sadly developed, from what I can tell with a search of when the outrage first started, in September 2022 (seven-ish months into the full scale invasion of Ukraine, or "special" military operation for those that would prefer this for sake of their conscience)

Yeah, and you changed logo in 2022(!!!)

And your example with Zurich insurance  has completely different stylistic! 

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

I'm not working for Zoom, I´m just a user and an admin... also I don´t know when the logo change has been made, just gave my opinion on this topic knowing that there are a lot more companies that uses a Z in their logo..

We are talking about a letter and not an icon or a sign if so I woul have also an other opinion..that's all;)


Let's be realistic. Let's do the impossible!


I was shocked when I started seeing this new logo.. because it looks identical to what ruZZians use in their war machine. Zoom team please change it back or to something else. it is one thing if you had this logo BEFORE the war, but it looks super strange that you choose such an icon after one year of the war, after the whole world saw what that Z means exactly


I was also badly surprised when I saw it a month ago. It is a weird coincidence indeed.  Actually I'm pretty sure that it was done intentionally by some group of Z-patriots (as they call themselves). Only a fool would not notice an eye catching similarity between ruZZian war sign and new logo/favicon of zoom after almost a year of war in Ukraine.  Even if we imagine there's a design department full of fools creating such a logo now, I do not believe that fools are in all departments and across all management. They should have noticed it and they did, but for some reason do not do anything about it. And its no surprise in case they indeed support russian invasion into Ukraine.


This is absolutely unacceptable. The font and the style of the logo resemble exactly the swastikas being put on the terrorists vehicles.


Also, people here try to vow that other companies also use letter Z in their logo. They do, but they started using it long ago, not exactly in 2023 when people are being slaughtered under this sing basically in real time.


@Anonymous  any reaction on this? Even if you are okay with referencing your product brand with the ruzzian terrorists, can you at least provide the ability to change that for your customers?

The Zoom logo was changed *after* the invasion to resemble the genocidal one. No other company did this. Doing this in Dec 2022 clearly shows support for the Russian invasion and genocide. There are other options available.


I agree. The new favicon has horrific associations. I can't bear to see it in my browser. Please please change it. 

A) "S" wasn't used as the logo for SS

B) The problem isn't that "Zoom" has "Z" in the name, but that they chose it to be their logo when that specific *Letter as a logo* has very specific meaning in 2022-2023


It was quite disappointing to see a piece of software with ruzzian terrorist symbol installed on my computer after applying the latest update. I don't think this can be unintentional.

This is not "just a letter". This is a graphical symbol of russian terrorism! If it hurts a lot of people, you can't say it doesn't matter! 

Zoom must change this offensive logo - just make it different, and not exactly as this russian swastika


dude, did you read our points above? it is not about using the letter Z... it is about making it look 100% like what ruzzians use in their war machine. there are 100 000 ways how you can write that letter and what color to choose, but they've chosen that particular style.. and they did it a few months ago when EVERYBODY in the world already knew what that symbol means.

The font you are using has the same letter Z as the russian war machine. and, now what? should we ban fonts too? use comic sans, it goes well with your statement. grow up. 


You want to make a change - you for sure wont do it on a community forum. go out, spread the word about russian propaganda and their killing spree. stop talkin nonsensce on this forum.

100%. Can't understand why they are so dumb.


Nice move, keep writing and arguing with everyone here. The more you justify fools from Zoom here, the more attention this topic can get. Go ask your friends to go here and writing more justifications, please!

yeah will do, im even gonna contact local news agency to write a story about this. more people have to see you snowflakes. grow up. wanna make a change? go out and fight for peace, bashing on zoom for a stupid letter Z wont make a change in the world.

...says a grown-up that fights "snowflakes" in a "10 comments never read by anyone" zoom forum topic 😆😂🤣

Hi Ostrich.

Maybe you live under a rock, but no worries history will catch up to you very soon. So The Letter "Z" yes its in the alphabet. And no its not just a letter anymore. Just like the swastika it will change its meaning if you use it publicly. Dont believe me. No worries, just spray it on your car, and you will find out real fast what people think of it now. If you make a "Z" graffiti or a "Z" icon or a "Z" emblem. But at the end it doesn't matter how hard you put your head into the ground. Corporations will change because of the War. And Zoom is not an exception for that either. So who ever thinks that the letter "Z" standing alone doesn't changed its meaning around the word is a morale disaster and a garbage of a person. Have a nice day moron.


ps: Please test your car with the letter "Z" it can be the whole zoom logo if you wish the blue and white just the Letter Z visible nicely. People will spit, piss and throw brick and rocks on you that's for sure. 

Really great call about putting the letter Z on your car. Everyone who thinks that Z is just a letter and it is not a big deal, just do that, add some label with the letter Z that looks exactly how in this Zoom logo, on your car or on the window in your home. let's see how long it will stay undamaged

So, should the legend of Zoro movie be banned too? I mean it has a Z in it.

nobody said that, just try to add a white Z letter on your car and go to any civilized country on that car. that simple. stop arguing about this

I already have a car which name is Z. Why should i do that? Who are you to tell me what to do? Grow up. Nobody cares about a letter. Its been how long now? I dont see Zoom chaning its logo or anyone outside of this chat complaining about it.

Pics or didnt happend. You dont have a car with a big Z on it thats for sure Rebecca.

You dont need to ban anything. I know its hard to understand its not banning its changed meaning. You dont need to ban it, but you will have consequences by using it. Saw the Letter Z on your jacket and you will find your self explaining to everybody that you arent a Nazi its just Zorro or something. Its very simple. The film will be the film. But the meaning of the letter Z standing alon somewhere will change forever. Go thank Putler and the child r****g soldiers for that.



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @appertonek @stevebiturbo @YevhenZabolotny @mete777B and everyone else on this thread. We appreciate you taking the time to provide this feedback. This is an issue we take seriously and that we're looking into. We'll pass your comments to our internal team handling this matter.

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Any update on this?

of course not.