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Is there an App to share Youtube (without screen sharing)


As far as I am aware, I can share a Youtube video by sharing my screen from Zoom but that's very bandwidth and processor heavy and consequently  quality is poor.  It case it's not obvious it's because my computer is effectively download and uploading the video at the same time.


Is there an App that will allow me to share directly from Youtube?


I do this for presentations where I use the Mentimeter App rather than share my screen. In effect I share and control what's in the cloud without having to download it.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



There is currently not an app that I have found to directly stream YouTube or other cloud based videos into Zoom.  There are options, such as optimizing for video clip, to improve the performance, but nothing at this time to eliminate downloading or sharing your screen.  Sorry!


Yes, currently I also not found an app that directly stream YouTube or other cloud based videos into Zoom.